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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

March 2014 (Spring Music)

Dear Friends,
Welcome to almost the end of a very exciting, invigorating, and slightly cold winter! This spring is going to be extra sweet!!!
As you read this I am on my Big Trip to Japan/Palau/Guam. I'll have lots of stories and pictures to share from this adventure.
Please join me on my return to Toronto at the next Music Meditation on April 12, at 80 Gladstone.  Details at the end of the newsletter and reservations with me at: 
Plus lots of fun upcoming events - New York workshop and concerts in May, Grail Springs/Bancroft workshops in July and September, Shakuhachi Playday and Benefit Concert/Ottawa in August.

Please scroll down for more details and check EVENTS for updates on new workshops/concerts/music meditations.
Special Treat: Here is a lovely article on my music written by my wonderful friend, Svetlana. Thank you so much for this!!!

Something Magical Has Happened!

I have something very special to share with you: Something Magical Has Happened!
At every opportunity I listen to Debbie Danbrook, a master of the Shakuhachi, an ancient Japanese bamboo flute that she always turns into magic. Last night I attended a concert at which she performed with Mark Daniel, a master of his crystal and Tibetan bowls. Since I was already familiar with the informal venue, I positioned myself at the perfect spot along a long wall where I could meditate while listening to them.
The evening was filled with sacred sounds—loving, relaxing, and deeply touching. I could almost hear the tiptoes of fairies and angels. Mark wrapped up the evening by personally gifting everyone with a touch of an anointing oil while we stayed in the moment, breathing in love and breathing out light. When I finally opened my eyes, the lights were still out and for a brief magical moment the auras of others around me merged into one bright shining glow. I was so very taken aback—honoured, excited, and overwhelmed—by the power of the experience that I could not leave my seat for some time. And when I did I lingered long in the hallway to prolong the magic that had been presented to me.
On the drive home, I thought to myself how even the names of the small side streets that I passed by seemed so special, significant, and somehow festive.
This is the magic and the power of the peace and the love we can find within ourselves.
Thank you, Debbie and Mark, for this sacred experience.
With love,

You can also visit Sverlina's site New Zest for Life.  

Saturday, April 12, 2014
MUSIC MEDITATION with Debbie Danbrook and Chris Gartner
Please join us for a healing and restorative evening music featuring 
shakuhachi flute, voice, fairy chimes and fairy stick, bass and atmospheres.
Please bring a mat/blanket/pillow to make your self comfy on the heated
floor. There are some futons/pillows there and also chairs.

Please make your reservation early as we have been sold out for the past events.
Location: 80 Gladstone (entrance side door - street parking available)
(80 Gladstone Ave., east of Dufferin, north of Queen)
Doors open: 7:00 Music Meditation: 7:30
tickets at the door: $25
The night of the meditation: cell 416-833-3564

May 1 to May 5, 2014
I am thrilled to be playing for Carla de Sola at her Sacred Dance workshop.
Carla is one of the founders of Sacred Dance and she is a joy to work with.

MAY 7 to May 10, 2014
MUSIC MEDITATION - details to follow
Also: Music Healing Sessions, Music Mantra Sessions, House/Workplace Clearings
and Shakuhachi, Native American Flute and Voice Lessons.

July 27 to August 1, 2014
Please join me for a healing and restorative 5 day workshop at the beautiful Grail Springs retreat centre. 
I will be offering daily workshops that will weave out hearts, souls and bodies closer to nature through 
the healing medium of music. We will be celebrating Lughnasa together (a Celtic festival).

August 16, 2014
Shakuhachi Playday 
A one day workshop/dinner to celebrate the joy of playing shakuhachi. 
It will include a master class at the beautiful Stepping Stones Gallery.
Open to shakuhachi players of all levels.

August 17, 2014
Stepping Stones Gallery
Time: 3:00 to 4:30
Benefit Concert - as part of the Japan Cultural Foundation set up by myself
and Rebecca Craig to help continue the wonderful heart connection between
Canada and Japan. This Foundation will be sponsoring a spring 2015 concert
of Japanese musicians.


September 21 to September 26, 2014
Debbie Danbrook and David Price Francis will be weaving their magical words and magical music together!
David has written some wonderful books and offers insightful lecture and guided meditations on energy.
Please join us for a healing and informative 5 day workshop at the beautiful Grail Springs retreat centre.
Lots of Love,
Breathe in Love
Breathe out Light
Lots of Love,

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