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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

January 2015

Welcome friends of Healing Music to my January 2015 Newsletter!!
At the beginning of each year I have a feeling about what this New Year will manifest. This year I am getting a big message of LIGHT. So I have decided to call this year THE YEAR OF LIGHT.
After announcing this at my first Music Meditation for the year I had a friend come up to me and say that the United Nations had decreed this The Year of Light! Wow! This is a funny little aside, but when I arrived home that night the outdoor light that has been broken for maybe 7 years was fixed!!! Let there be light!!! yes
Each year I am amazed at how quickly the year has passed and I'm also amazed at how many adventures I pack into the year! Here are some of the highlights from my 2014.

*** Travel ***
Here is my favourite picture of me at my Temple (taken by my niece Claire)

I'll start with the biggest trip, a wild and wonderful whirl through Japan, Palau, Guam and then back to Japan. I started the Japan trip off with Steve, visiting our 'framily' (friends who have become family), trips to our amazing healer Nishimoto-sensei and, of course, visits to my Sacred Hozanji Temple.
Next to Palau. To get there you travel the four hour flight from Japan to Guam and then another two hour flight west and south, right by the equator. Palau is amazing – a bit like the Galapagos Islands in that there are fish and birds and fauna that are only found in Palau. It is a little Paradise! I had two incredible experiences while there. The first was playing at monuments that are 2,000 years old. When I was walking towards an ancient standing vessel, I was physically held away by the energy emanating from it. I tried another approach, and this time I starting playing my Shakuhachi. I felt a path opening up for me and I followed it through to the centre of these amazing monuments.

The energy was clear and welcoming – I felt that the monuments were happy to have me and my friend Liam there,
playing Healing Music, laughing in the sunshine.

The next amazing Palau adventure was swimming with jellyfish!!! Don't panic, these are very special jellyfish – they don't sting! They are tucked away in a secluded lake (quite a journey to get to it) and because there are no predators in the lake these jellyfish have lost their sting! They don't have those long tentacles. Isn't that an amazing analogy for humans – no predators – no sting needed!!! It was one of the most amazing experiences in nature I have ever had, right up there with hanging out with the Gorillas in Rwanda! And it gets better – the jellyfish float right into your hands and they pulse a bright white cross of light – this is their heart beating!!! The littles were soooooo adorable.Thousands of them floating all around.....
Aren't these jellyfish adorable?
Back to Guam to play at my friend's wedding. The chapel overlooked the ocean, so beautiful!
Also just happened to go on a submarine while I was there, it wasn't on my 'bucket list' but the opportunity came up and I do seem to be all gung ho for something different!
Back to Japan for my Japan Cherry Blossom Tour. It was as per usual divine!!! The whole country turns pink and white with the blossoms. We had a wonderful time visiting temples, visiting friends, eating amazing food, attending tea ceremony and studio music performances.... but the highlight for me is always the Music Meditation I offer at my Temple.
Click here to watch on YouTube

Here I am offering a Music Meditation at my Temple.
This big trip ended up being a total of 7 flights, one submarine, boats and trains innumerable....
Here we are having a lovely day in Nara
I had another wonderful New York City trip this year, I just love it there!
I was playing for another Sacred Dance event and I also did a recording for a lovely new choreography creation for Marilyn. The recording was done at the Trinity Church studio which overlooks the 9/11 memorial and the new building going up on the site. The recording engineer had worked for many years in Tokyo and was the perfect person to record my Shakuhachi. The recording felt very, very powerful.
There is so much energy in that area that wants to transform into light and I felt incredibly supported while I created the music that day.
Lovely working/playing with the Sacred Dancers for our performance. Always a pleasure.
I had always wanted to go to the Cloisters in New York and had an amazing time there.
Here is one of my favourite pictures from that day.
And here I am with my friend Sylvia in rural New York at the home of a blacksmith. I wanted to go out to say hi to the cows but realized this cow was a bull and he was coming at us quite quickly!!! So I just started dancing and Sylvia did too. This calmed the bull down so much that he peed all over Sylvia.
Just another Sacred Dance adventure!
I had some lovely local trips – one to Montreal with my friend Eva.
We went to visit her uncle who is a very magical being and he is helping with our project to build a healing crystal musical spiral. I will keep you updated! Fun!

*** Music Meditations ***
My Music Meditations are one of my most favourite things that I do here on planet Earth! I can open my heart and invite in my angels, guides and fairies to play through me, offering a magical, mystical, musical experience for all who are there and for all beings of light connecting with this energy. I see/feel a huge web of LIGHT all around the globe and each Music Meditation helps to light this amazing web of love, light, energy. I of course love to play for the participants who attend, but if you see a Music Meditation coming up and you can't join us physically please take the time to sit back and relax during the meditation and allow the energy to flow to/through you.
This year I have settled into two beautiful, spiritual locations for the Meditations.
In Toronto at and in Ottawa at
I am so very lucky to have two amazing, spiritual, talented musicians to play with me at many of these events, Chris Gartner and Mark Daniel. I also have many other wonderful friends that I play and also record with, to name a few, there are Steve Raiman, Ian Hepburn, Ben Pelchat, Celina Carroll, Catriona Sturton, my wonderful students who are my 'band' at some events and many more....
Thanks to you all for your fantastic talents!
The Meditations also take me to many wonderful locations.
I will mention some that I played at in 2014.
Every year I play a 'Greet the New Year' meditation at the beautiful home of my friend Sue.
This just starts the year off right and invites in new and healing energies for all. Thanks Sue for inviting me to play again this year.
I played at a beautiful Tree Ceremony held at Guildwood. So many trees died during the big Toronto storm and many more had to be cut down. It was bitterly cold and there aren't many things that would inspire me to play outside in the icy conditions but I LOVE TREES and I was very grateful to be a part of this lovely ceremony.
Catherine's gorgeous Raven's Ridge retreat in Orillia, complete with Medicine Wheel, pond and a beautiful Labyrinth. I was the first to play music in the Labyrinth and the lighting was just divine – fireflies sitting in the trees all around us!!!!!
A quiet gathering at Jen's yoga studio: Muttita Moves

Ian and I enjoyed playing at Paula's beautiful Glen Garden. It was a magical event....
Some wonderful solstice and equinox Music Meditations this year at Andrew's lovely QiGong classes.
I love the way the energy of the music and the movement intertwingle perfectly!
Another wonderful evening at where we created a Group Mantra.
I have been playing at the Esther Yoga studio for many, many years, and each event is unique and lovely!
I played at a Multifaith Service at the Koffler Centre. This was wonderful – A Buddhist Monk led the participants on a walking meditation through the building. I played in the central open space and the music filled the entire building! Magical.
An inspiring Walking Meditation through the incredible rock sculptures of John Ceprano.
Thanks to my 'band' of students and a lovely gaggle of Sacred Dancers,
all dressed in white and moving through the space so beautifully!
Celeste's beautiful 'treehouse' location.

*** Teaching, House Clearings, Healing and Mantra Sessions ***
I have been doing more and more of my Mantra Sessions - some of them on Skype. I love them! Everyone has a wonderful time creating their own, special Mantra and I love facilitating and adding the mantra music. I even did a wee video about the Mantra sessions:

Click here to watch on YouTube
I continue with my Shakuhachi teaching, also doing some of these lessons on Skype. Shakuhachi is difficult but for all who carry on it is truly transformational. Congrats to all my wonderful students!!
The House Clearings and Healing Sessions this year have been so lovely.
Thank you to all who have invited me into their homes and hearts.

*** Interviews ***
I did two lovely interviews this year. Thank you Ann Gelsheimer and Dzintar Cers
for inviting me to be on your programs. I enjoyed both the interviews – it was great chatting about my music with these lovely folks.

Click here to listen to the interview with Ann Gelsheimer

Click here to watch the interview with Dzintar Cers on YouTube

*** Retreats ***
 I continue my wonderful retreats at Grail Springs, one of the most gorgeous, spiritual and healing locations I have ever played at. I was there three times this year! Thanks to Madeleine for all her wonderful work at this very special
Here is a photo of me on the Labyrinth there taken by my friend Magdelena.

*** Benefit Events ***
I continue on the Board of Directors for the Palliative Association:
Thanks Talia for all your continued work with this association. We offered many wonderful benefit events this year. Always a pleasure working with the folks in this group.

I continue to raise funds for the Japan cultural Foundation I stared with my friend Rebecca.
We had a wonderful Benefit Concert in the summer at Rebecca's marvellous gallery:, and we look forward to an amazing future concert with Japanese musicians.
Thanks to Liz for helping to organize a benefit Labyrinth walk and Music Meditation for the lovely
St. Andrews Church near Bancroft.

*** New Projects ***
I am thrilled to announce that David Price Francis and I have completed our first Guided Meditation together! We are working on a set of meditations and I will be sending out information on this first one. Thanks David, it is wonderful working with you on these.
I have two CD recordings on the go, one with Chris Gartner and the other with Celina Carroll. I will keep you posted!!
We have two new videos, big thanks to Chris Gartner for his creative vision. We are also looking for a techno person to help in the creation of a Healing Music App. If you have anyone in your circle who does this, please do let me know - thanks!
I am also working on my Sleep Program with help from Wendy, much thanks! When this is completed I will then work on my Palliative Care Program. Lots to do!!

*** Final Words for 2014 ***
Well, I must say 2014 was an exciting year!!! So much going on, so many adventures, new friends, new experiences. And also some lovely settling in, the Music Meditations really taking root. A year of expansion, big shifts. And so many opportunities to invite in more and more light for 2015!
BIG THANKS to all of you who have helped in so many ways in the past year... Helping to set up events, to drive me around and schlepping all my bags of instruments.... Helping with the recordings, videos, newsletters/website. Thanks for all the lovely sleepovers at your homes.... Thanks to all for attending the events and for buying my CD's. Thanks for the love and support and hugs!!!! Love you all!!!!
To end, here is a lovely, lovely moment captured in time.
While in Niagara Falls I had the 'BESTEST' (fairy word) picture ever taken with a darling little blue fairy/pixie behind my right shoulder and if you look very carefully you will see a beautiful Angel of Light over my left shoulder (between the greenery). Isn't this amazing!!!! I know that I am always surrounded and supported by my Angels and my Fairies (I am, after all, Debrina, Queen of the Pixies) but it is quite something to see them show up in a picture! Please feel free to send this photo (or any of the photos/videos) to your friends!
Lots of Love,
Debrina (my pixie name)
Breathe in Love
Breathe out Light

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