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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

January 2012

Happy 2012!
As we usher in a new energetic age, with open arms this year,
let us not forget the blessings of the days gone by...
in light of that - I would like to take some time to share with you-
the amazing and powerful stories of Healing Music's 2011 adventures.
What an amazing, thrilling, powerful, HUGE year 2011 was!!
(I think that I start every yearly recap newsletter by saying what an amazing year it was)
but 2011 was an especially fantastic year! Such big energetic shifts, so much going on for me,
everyone I know and for the planet itself. Wow.
I am so grateful to be alive at this pivotal time.

I will start with introducing a newest feature
 'the healing music diaries' remarkably-blessed, energetic-escapades, of powerful healing proportions...
the first peek into these diaries is the recap of a wonderful year.
the 2011 memoirs follow us on some wonderful adventures through Japan, Europe,
Africa, America and within our beautiful homeland, Canada.
Wherever I went and wherever I played and shared my music I met incredible folks,
saw fantastic places and felt amazing, wonderful energy!

( stay tuned to the end of this letter for a special healing GIFT for you xo )


JAPAN in March
The first big trip was to Japan at the end of March.
The tsunami disaster was such a shock and my heart felt frozen with the news.
I was in touch with my Japanese friends as soon as I could reach them
and they were all well but the thought of the impending nuclear disaster
was too horrible to fathom. My annual Japan Music Meditation tour was cancelled
and I was wondering if I should still go. Every day I read about the condition of the nuclear reactors,
and then one evening while eating at a traditional Japanese restaurant I just knew I was being called to Japan.
Two weeks after the disaster I arrived in Tokyo to an empty airport.
Surreal is the word that kept coming to me throughout that trip.
You know those super long corridors in airports that have the moving sidewalks?
I was walking with Steve in the semi-dark (electricity was being saved and so lights were very dim in
public buildings) and we were the only people in the huge corridor.

Arriving in Japan two weeks after the tsunami to a completely deserted airport, surreal


Another very surreal scene were all the empty cherry blossom gardens.
The arrival of the cherry blossoms is a huge celebration in Japan
and there are always festivals and events going on throughout the country
and people taking a million pictures. This year the cherry blossoms were seen in silence.
The whole country was in mourning and there was that hushed stillness you feel at a memorial or funeral.


New blossoms budding at my Temple near Ikoma, just weeks after the tsunami disaster


My friends were so grateful I had come and I was so happy to see them all.
Steve and I participated in a Healing Music and Dance Benefit for Japan.
I was so grateful I could offer my music to help.

It was a beautiful and poignant time for me at my temple there...

Offering a Healing Music Meditation at my temple, Hozanji, soon after the tsunami disaster

Offering a Healing Music Memorial Meditation at Eihoji Zen Temple in Japan two weeks after the tsunami disaster
Offering a Healing Music Memorial Meditation at Eihoji Zen Temple in Japan two weeks after the tsunami disaster

read MORE


Africa, Ireland and England
( a month long marathon )

The trip to Rwanda just materialized. I had heard about the Genocide
Memorial years ago from Catriona and had felt a pull to go and offer a Music Meditation there
but Africa seemed so far away, so many shots and immunizations to take…..
When I heard that the first folk festival in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda) was being planned and if I played there,
I could combine that event with a Music Meditation at the Memorial, I figured I could go to Africa on the way to Ireland!

Luckily I decided in my heart that I was meant to go before I checked on a map and saw
that it was a bit further then I had anticipated. So I headed off to Africa before the extended Ireland trip.

( African Dancers and Musicians in Rwanda )

Rwanda was totally unexpected for me - this is really surprising but
it reminded me of Japan in so many ways. The people are very kind and reserved;
their demeanour is very much like the Japanese. The aesthetic is also often similar;
sometimes I would see a garden and feel like I was in Japan.

Playing at the Genocide Memorial was one of the most powerful Music Meditations of my life.
It wasn't painful, it felt peaceful but also with huge energy moving through me at the same time.
Again, similar to during the trip to Japan, I felt a multitude of souls but this time
all arrayed behind me and part of the energy that was coming through with the music.
It was profound and beautiful and I am so glad I went to Africa and offered this Music Meditation.
2011 was the year to do it for sure and it was also the year for me to experience this connection between Japan and Rwanda.

Now the BEST thing ever. 
I climbed a mountain, went into the jungle and hung out with gorillas!!!!!!!!
It was truly one of the neatest things I have ever done. I had no idea how fantastic it would be.
The gorillas are just incredible, their eyes are so soulful.
I loved every minute of being with them....

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 of our African Adventure

Hanging out with a new friend in Rwanda
Hanging out with a new friend in Rwanda

check out the incredible video footage:


Next on the trip, Ireland -
so wonderful, so beautiful, so green! 

Originally I had a one week tour in Ireland planned,
playing at sacred sites and travelling with a small group.
Catriona, one of the friends I was travelling with, works for Dolly Parton
and Dolly was playing in Dublin the week before we were to arrive.
Well that was an opportunity not to be missed, and so I extended my Ireland trip.
I saw Dolly in Dublin, one of the most wonderful, inspiring, fantastic concerts I have been to.
Please check out Dolly's 
wonderful foundation and the great work she does getting books to kids.


I played at some wonderful healing events that Jackie O'Keefe (lovely spiritual leader) helped
to set up in both Dublin and Galway. I loved every place I played, but one of the most powerful
was at the Spirit Centre in Galway. The centre is on a little island right in the middle of the town called Nun's Island.
The group that gathered was very magical, one fellow drove from across Ireland! (not so far really)
I am mostly Irish by descent and something very ancient, ancestral came through that night in the music.
Then for big fun I would recommend to anyone going to Ireland to visit Bridgit's Garden
just outside of Galway. I played there in a beautiful round thatched hut and after the
Music Meditation I sat in the bog log throne, I felt like the Queen of the Pixies.


  Meditating on an ancient bog throne at Bridgit's Garden in Ireland where I offered a Music Meditation.


We had a wonderful road trip across Ireland. Thanks to Joanne,
( my friend since I was 4 ) for driving us.  We were on one of the most difficult highways to drive in Europe,
but also one of the most gorgeous.  We travelled to as many Megalithic Burial Sites
as we could manage  and I offered a Music Meditation at all of them.
Smaller sites off the beaten path and we were often the only ones there. MORE about our Irish adventures


 Playing in a Sacred Grove behind the ruins of the haunted Duckett's Grove Castle

...on the horizon for 2012


The last part of the 2011 adventure was for recording in London. One of my
favourite drummers, Neil Wilkinson, lives in London - he played on my Ambient World CD.
I was thrilled to have him play on one of the new recording projects I am working on,
a CD I am recording with 
David Darling, cellist extraordinaire!!
David lives and breathes his wonderful music and is a delight to play with!
He has won a Grammy for New Age music and is well known by folks all around the world.
I am so happy to be doing a CD with him and it will be released this spring!!


I am continuing my Music Meditations at the peaceful Inner Garden space here in Toronto.
It is such a joy to play with such wonderful friends.
Chris Gartner on bass and soundscapes, Carlos del Junco on harmonica,
Catriona Sturton on shamisen and accordion,
Celina Carroll on berimbau, percussion, vocals to name just a few...

I offer a meditation here every month or so and just love the energy of these meditations.
Thanks Rob for envisioning this little oasis of peace in downtown Toronto.


I have also played at some lovely benefit concerts with my guitarist
Mark BattenbergWe raised funds for the Princess Margaret
Cancer Centre and we also played at the Children's Peace Theatre
Centre. We were fortunate to have wonderful Mark Korven play with us
on his unique and fabulous Sarello (cello and sarangi combined).
So wonderful having so many lovely friends to play with!


thanks & love

I am grateful to be able to continue to offer my Healing Music
at all the Memorials at Sunnybrook Hospital.

Led by the dedicated group of chaplains, these evenings are healing not only for the group that attends
but also for the energy of the hospital and all who move through there everyday.
Also thank you Andrew for inviting me to play again at the Toronto Hospice Memorial.


I love my teaching of the Shakuhachi and love my students in Toronto,
Guelph and Ottawa and also the few from overseas that manage to drop by.
We had our annual Shakuhachi Funday gathering in Ottawa this year
and my wonderful students played at our Japan Benefit there.
Thank you all for playing.


Thanks also to Rebecca and Matthew
who invited us to use their serene 
Stepping Stones Art Gallery in Ottawa
for this Japan Benefit fundraising event.


I love playing at healing events at the gorgeous Grail Springs retreat.
I played at many lovely events there this year including the Grail Lady Faire, so much fun!
Thanks Madeleine for the great job you are doing keeping the Grail running so well!


There were also several wildly fun and healing trips to Niagara Falls.
Thanks Kim and Kassandra for the healing work you are offering to the waters of the Falls.
I also played on the American side of the falls and we did a nice meditation around an old, old, old tree.
( Did you know there is a statue of Tesla in the park there? )
I carry a disc of Tesla energy in my bag where ever I go along with a healing token from
my temple in Japan. And of course an Angel medallion and a St. Francis
of Assisi and a Buddha medallion and and and…..
My bag is surprisingly light considering!


I played at another fun filled Sacred Dance workshop with my fairy friend Wendy, 
up in Huntsville this time. I love playing for dance
and these Sacred Dance Guild events are always wonderful.

Thanks to all the many lovely friends at the many Yoga Studios 
that hosted my events here and afar.
Always wonderful places, wonderful folks & wonderful energy.


Congratulations to Maike for hosting another great Sound Healing Conference in Ottawa. 
Thanks Maike for all the events you have organized for me to play at.
And thanks to Johannes at the 
Dunrobin Sonic Gym 
for inviting me to play at another Big Gong Healing Concert.
Big Fun.


I was so happy to meet Jackie O'Keefe and play for her 
spiritual gatherings here in Toronto. She is an angel here on earth and I look
forward to meeting and playing for her again this year.


I must not forget to mention the huge shift that occurred on November 11. 
For many years I have been saying "Double Peace" and throwing my
arms up every time I noticed the time was 11:11.
I know lots of folks that have been part of this double peace, 11:11 energy.
It was wildly exciting to actually have been in 2011, November 11 at 11:11. WOW.
I didn't have an event planned but then because of a last minute change in
schedules I ended up playing that night with my friend Chris Gartner.
The energy was so intense that night and for several days after and I
couldn't believe the sound it was making in my energy field.
I can hear different energies, usually one or two at a time but for the
first time ever I was hearing four distinctly separate energetic sounds. Huge!
Everything felt so different after the 11th,
it spurred me on to investigate and I had my natal chart done.
There was a unique convergence in my chart that occurred on November 11th
that will happen only once in my life. New energies were invited in on this day
- new energies for new beginnings and infinite possibilities.
2011 was indeed the big shift year.


Every year I have a theme or feeling or focus for the year that
springs up in my heart and 2011 was the year of BLISS. Bliss for being
alive during this incredible time, bliss for the music that is living
through me and bliss for the angels that surround me and all of us.
2011, challenging, yes, but soooooooooo amazing!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic 2012, filled with fun, joy, peace and love.

Lots of Love,
Debrina (my fairy name)


please enjoy our healing music mantra, 
a token for your love & support, 
.... & a blessed reminder of how simple it can be to find peace.

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